Digital all the way!! I love digital photography. The control it gives me allows for greater creativity. I "develop" all my pictures in my digital darkroom and am able to go from shooting to prints all in a matter of minutes if I need to!!

I am passionate about Black and White photography although I do shoot in color on occasion and always on request. One of my favorite subjects to shoot is Musicians. I find they are always generous with their "faces" and what faces!!! The expressions are amazing. It is so much fun to watch the array of emotion and intensity of passion that they express when they perform.
Another one of my favorite subjects is children. They rarely hold back what they feel and are incredibly spontaneous and expressive!

Adorable Baby and Children's Portraits        slide show (727)
These are some of my favorite baby and children's Portraits, too Precious!!

Hudson Valley Fabulous Musicians Calendar ...        slide show (40)

First Annual Sullivan County Blues Festival        slide show (26)
A living tribute to legendary Little Sammy Davis. A fabulous weekend of music, fun and friends both old and new.

Abstract Art        slide show (4)
My first foray in to Abstract Art... You be the Judge...

"The Hops"        slide show (36)

Back Drops and Props        slide show (49)
There are several Back Drops and Props to choose from. If you let me know which theme you would like to go with I can plan the Photo Shoot.

Ron and Sheryl's Wedding        slide show (35)
An amazingly fun time was had by all!!

Guen and Lainie's Wedding Reception ...        slide show (21)

Portraits        slide show (238)
The Portraits you see here are Studio and Environmental Portraits. Capturing Images that create memories for a lifetime has become a passion.

Hyde Park Brewery "Blues Jam"        slide show (146)
Check out some of my favorite Musical Artists from my favorite place to shoot!

2nd Annual Sidetracked Blues Jam Reunion        slide show (20)
An amazing night of music! Too many musicians to list them all just check out these photos to see some of the Hudson Valley's finest Blues Musicians.

I had a blast! Can't wait for next year!

Andy Stahl        slide show (11)
Andy is an amazing Sax player. I've had the great pleasure of seeing Andy perform throughout the Hudson Valley but most often at the Hyde Park Blues Jam. The Jam is held every Wednesday at the Hyde Park Brewery and Steak House, Hosted by the Upstart Blues All-stars Band. An event not to be missed! You never quite know who will show up.

If you ever get the chance to see Andy play don't pass it up!

Big Joe Fitz's 60th Birthday Party, ...        slide show (13)
Happy Birthday Big Joe! It was a fabulous Party! Thanks to everyone (especially Buffy and Brian) it was a great night of music, fun and friendship. Here's to many more Birthdays for Big Joe Fitz!

The Chris O'Leary Band        slide show (18)
A fabulous night of music with some amazing musicians, Chris Vitarello, Chris O'Leary, Sean McCarthy and Frankie Ingreao.

If you ever have an opportunity to see these musicians separately or together don't hesitate just go!!

Hudson Valley Musicians        slide show (280)
All the musicians depicted here are active in the Hudson Valley Music Scene. All these wonderful people have generously shared there time, talent, and advice with me. A special thanks goes to Brad Scribner, Bob Jaeger and Pete Hopkinson (aka Petey Hop) who were the very first musicians I photographed. Thank you all!!!

Sonando        slide show (29)
Sonando is amazing band playing Spicy Latin Music that you just have to dance to!! I was lucky enough to catch them this past weekend on the RIP (Rip Van Winkle Music Cruise) and Wow!

Check out their site at to find out their schedule of Gigs. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes!!

River Front Blues Fest 2008        slide show (19)
An amazing long weekend of the Blues!! Koko Taylor, Sugar Blue, lil Ed, Steve Guyger and many, many more!

I was unable to photography everyone (though I tried) and I apologize to those artists not represented here.

I was simply blown away by the talent the good feelings of the crowd and the simple pleasure of being in a place where everyone was there to enjoy the Blues.

Here is my River Front Blues experience...enjoy!!

The SugarBees        slide show (9)
An amazing band that has been around awhile and has most definitely stood the test of time! You will catch them playing around the Hudson Valley. To find their schedule go to

Chris Vitarello        slide show (11)
Chris is an amazing Musician whom I have had the good fortune to see on numerous occasions. Chris will be playing with a group of Musicians at the SkyTop Steak House on a regular basis from here on in. Check out his website for all the details and more info on Chris and other upcoming performance dates.

Make sure you don't miss his shows they are worth the trip from anywhere!

Big Joe Fitz        slide show (5)
Big Joe is an amazing musical artist playing all around the Hudson Valley. Find out more about his musical career and performance dates. If you have an opportunity to see Big Joe perform don't hesitate.

Children and Babies        slide show (130)

Erin Hobson        slide show (3)
Erin Hobson is one of the most passionate guitarist/vocalist you will ever have the pleasure to see!

Check out Erins' website to keep posted on her upcoming gigs. The latest I've heard on Erin is that she now has formed a band with other stellar musicians. They are performing this Friday in Red Hook at a new Hot Spot for food and music: Tin Pan Alley. Don't miss this opportunity!!

Big Joe Fitz Blues Dance Party, High Falls ...        slide show (26)
Folks you just have to find time to stop by the High Falls Cafe for the Big Joe Fitz Tuesday Blues Party. It is a great time. Not only is the music amazing but you'll find the food is great too! Big Joe always has amazing musicians sitting in so clear your schedule and head on down!!

The Dance Party is held every first and third Tuesday of the month. To find out more info on Big Joe Fitz go to for info on the High Falls Cafe go to

Megan's Lilly        slide show (6)

Little Sammys' Visit to the Hyde Park ...        slide show (26)
It was an amazing surprise when I showed up for the Blues Jam at the Hyde Park Steak House and Brewing Co. on Wednesday May 30th and found Little Sammy Davis on Stage!!

It was an amazing night of music, good food and good people!!

Here are the photos from that night. I hope you enjoy checking them out half as much as I enjoyed being there and taking them.

If you've never checked out the Blues Jam you should put it on your "must do" list and come on out some Wednesday! Follow the link on this site for more details.

Four Guys in Disguise        slide show (11)
These guys are the best run don't walk to check them out!

Meg Johnson Band        slide show (10)

JJ        slide show (7)

Petey-boy        slide show (14)
Petey-boy is a new band to hit the Hudson Valley Music Scene. I was fortunate enough to be in on their debut at the High Falls Cafe (for more info on the High Falls Cafe check out the link on this site).

It was a fun night and I truly enjoyed being in on the "Ground Floor".

Look for them in venues around the Hudson Valley, I know we'll be hearing great things from them!

Taste of New Paltz        slide show (29)

Exit 19        slide show (18)
How to describe this band? Hmm? Amazing, talented, perhaps have to be experienced to be believed.
Soul, R&B, Rock and Roll, Blues all rolled in to one amazing package.

If you find yourself in the enviable position to be where this band is don't hesitate and don't expect to spend the evening sitting down, because unless you are six months past dead you will have to get up and dance!!!

Browse All Photos        slide show

Petey Hops 40th Birthday Party        slide show (15)

The Trapps        slide show (17)

Willa        slide show (22)
An amazing singer whom I've seen perform at the Hyde Park Blues Jam and a Private Party. Look for her and her band, hopefully in the near future. Good luck Willa!

guy greco        slide show (20)

Abstract Digital        slide show (19)
Ladies and Gentlemen I am proud to announce a category new to lyndaloosphotos. Abstract Digital. Proud because the Artist is my very own daughter, Nicole. Nicole is a very talented
and imaginative Digital Artist. She has taken my photographs and worked her digital magic on them! Please take the time to peruse these works of art and perhaps purchase or comment on a photo or two! Congratulations Nicole!

Petey Hop        slide show (21)
A fabulous vocalist and guitar player. Check out Pete's Website to find out more about Pete's music and performance dates. If you have a chance to see Petey perform don't pass it up!

Megan's Lilly        slide show (0)

Landscape and Nature        slide show (169)
Photos of Landscape and Nature in New York State.

California Trip '09        slide show (18)
Our wonderful family vacation in California for Katie's High School Graduation. We're all so proud of her! Good luck in College Katie! It was great to see so many family members. Hope to see you all at Danielle's Wedding next July 19, 2010. Love you!

Caroline Street Fest Saratoga, NY 2007        slide show (4)
A fabulous time of fun and music! I was thrilled to there. Not sure if they do it every year but if they do don't miss it!

The Hyde Park Blues Jam with Willa Hosting        slide show (21)
As usual an amazing night of music with Willa, Doug, Andy "Big Daddy", Brad and a host of Musicians sitting in to Jam.

The Jam is held every Wednesday usually Hosted by the Upstart AllStars Blues Band with an occasional Guest Host. If you are a Musician or just love music I suggest you check it out, at the Hyde Park Brewery and Steak House In Hyde Park. Great food and Blues that will get you off your feet and dancing!

Jeremy Baum, Randy Ciarlante and Matt Fink ...        slide show (16)
I had the great pleasure to see these guys perform at Keegan Ales on 1/16/2010. It was an amazing experience! Keegan Ales always has great music and this night was no exception.

Musician's Hands        slide show (25)
This Gallery is a compilation of all the wonderful moments in music captured in the musician's hands.

The Cross Roads Band        slide show (12)
I had the great pleasure to see The Cross Roads Band at Copperfields (great food) in Millbrook this past Saturday. They were to say the least amazing! Check out their website to find out about upcoming gigs.

The Differents with Vito and Paul at La ...        slide show (19)
What an amazing night of music!

"The Cagneys"        slide show (19)
A great band that has been performing for years in and around the Hudson Valley. Check out their website "" for performance dates, you'll be glad you did!

"The Misfit Toys"        slide show (20)
I stumbled upon this great Band at Snug Harbor in New Paltz when I least expected it. It was most definitely a "happy accident.

They are not only great musicians but also great people if you have a chance to see them don't miss it! Thanks guys for a fun after noon of music and people.

"Ext 19 Keegan Ales"        slide show (8)
One of the best bands in the Hudson Valley! Thanks for the music guys!

The Chris O'Leary Band at The Town Crier        slide show (14)
An amazing night of Music with the Chris O'Leary Band at The Town Crier.

Copake Falls, NY        slide show (5)
Copake Falls, NY in Autumn 2011. An absolutely amazingly beautiful place any time of year!

Hyde Park Blues Jam 3072012        slide show (15)

Stark Raven at The Chance 4/28/2012        slide show (9)

Keely Halloween 2010        slide show (0)

Keely Halloween 2010        slide show (4)

Post Hurricane Sandy 2012-Atlantic City and ...        slide show (8)
Words cannot describe how I felt viewing this damage up close...

Annual Sidetracked Blues Reunion 12.30.2012        slide show (13)

Boston St. Patrick's Day Weekend        slide show (2)

Dutchess County Car Show 2010        slide show (4)

The 2nd Annual Sullivan County Blues ...        slide show (16)

Union Street Band Jam        slide show (11)
A new and fabulous "Jam" to enter the Hudson Valley Music Scene.

Pet Portraits        slide show (5)


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